Friday, June 01, 2007

yCombinator profiled in Newsweek

Inkling's sole investors yCombinator were recently profiled in Newsweek under the heading "A Boot Camp for the Next Tech Billionaires."

We're not sure how many of us (if any) will become billionaires but we suppose we can tack it on to our other more modest goals of continuing to improve our trading interface and working with interesting people. :)

Here's the article:

We've had lots of people contact us about our experience with yCombinator; we're more than happy to talk about it with folks; our decision process to apply and accept, how we quit our jobs, etc. so just contact us if you want to chat about it.

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Anonymous said...

hi, i've been following your guys' blog for about 6mos now. i'm a huge Suroweicki fan and pretty active in CambrianHouse (whom I believe is a client of yours). I do a bi-weekly podcast on innovation on and would love to have you as a guest on an upcoming show. I didn't see contact info on your site but you can reach me sean at grid7 dotcom if you're interested. It takes roughly 45min and can be done over skype or the phone.