Monday, August 17, 2009

"Groups aren't where ideas are born, but where they come to sink or swim."

from Brainstorming Reloaded | PsyBlog

"Experiment after experiment has shown that people in brainstorming sessions produce fewer and lower quality ideas than those working alone (Furnham, 2000). Here’s why:
  1. Social loafing: people slack off to a frightening degree in certain types of group situations like brainstorming.
  2. Evaluation apprehension: although evaluation isn’t allowed in a traditional brainstorming session, everyone knows others are scrutinising their input.
  3. Production blocking: while one person is talking the others have to wait. They then forget or dismiss their ideas, which consequently never see the light of day.
So if groups need to generate new ideas, new connections between old ideas and new ways of seeing the world, how should they proceed? The answer is that brainstorming needs a tweak.

Also it emerges that groups do have a natural talent, which is the evaluation of ideas, rather than their creation."

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Resorting to violence

From a note we just received asking how to handle a sticky situation in a market:

"...Should I refund these options? The participants on this market have been getting antsy (rightfully so) and would probably burn me at the stake if they could for taking so long to figure this out..."

To all those people who question if there is incentive to participate in a play money marketplace, if people are worried about violent acts against them for not quickly cashing out a market, there's clearly some interest! :)

Tap the Collective Coming September 2nd to Washington, DC

We're excited to announce an event we're co-hosting with the fine folks from the popular blog Transcapitalist in Washington, DC on September 2nd: "Tap the Collective". We've assembled a great lineup of technologists, thought leaders, and do'ers to discuss how collective intelligence initiatives can be used to overcome organizational barriers and operational efficiencies in Government settings:

More information and registration are here:

Our event is generously being sponsored by:

Boalt Interactive: