Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Gartner and Red Herring Recognize Inkling

A couple more industry accolades we're proud to share:

First, Gartner recently listed Inkling as one of its "Cool Vendors in Emerging Technologies." Industry reports such as these are where many people in the enterprise first hear about companies and concepts they should look in to, so while we're happy to be acknowledged in the report, we also think it's a good indication that prediction markets and their applications are becoming more accepted and mainstream.

In addition, a few weeks ago we had a nice conversation with Alex Vieux, the CEO of Red Herring telling us we were a finalist for the Red Herring 100 this year. The RH100 is a list of companies that "discover and advocate the promising startups that will lead the next wave of disruption and innovation." The list was published recently so now that it's official we wanted to thank Red Herring for considering us.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Inkling one of Forrester's "Hot Companies to Watch in 2008"

We were pleased to hear that Forrester Research recently acknowledged Inkling in its report: "Hot Companies to Watch in 2008."

Unfortunately we can't re-print what was specifically said about Inkling, but here's what the abstract about the report says:

Technology vendors increasingly focus on using external sources to bolster their company's innovation. Driven by globalization trends — and a realization that they can't manage all of their innovation in-house — vendors are seeking to generate more innovation through small acquisitions, partnership programs, and venture investment. As a result, Forrester has seen a renewed focus on identifying the emerging trends and technologies that will affect technology markets over the next few years. To highlight some of these trends, we've identified several companies that we think are worth noting for their unique business model, their growth potential, or their relevance to broader tech markets. This report briefly describes companies in diverse emerging areas like Web 2.0, green IT, mobility, collaboration, and interactive marketing and explains why we think these companies will be noteworthy in 2008 and beyond.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

New York Times and Risk Management Magazine Coverage

A feature article about prediction markets was published by Steve Lohr of the New York Times today. It received prominent billing in the physical version of the paper as the lead story in the technology section. There was even an accompanying illustration! The article did a good job of conveying the current status of prediction markets in corporations and gave some compelling use cases.

In addition we recently wrote a feature story about prediction markets and their value in mitigating risk in corporations that was published in Risk Management magazine. If you're already familiar with prediction markets you can skim the first few paragraphs which are largely introductory and go to the subsequent sections where we discuss how Inkling could be used to understand the probability of operational risk factors.