Sunday, April 08, 2007

Date Markets

Typically when someone wants to create a market predicting a date, they create a "numeric value" or "futures" market asking questions like "how many days from now will X launch?" or "How many days from X day will Y take place." These markets can be awkward because it requires the trader to look at a calendar and do some math to figure out what the actual prediction is.

We've heard scattered comments for awhile now from people asking us to address this, especially from a few customers who regularly ask their employees to forecast launch dates, project completion dates, etc. In response, we've recently created a new type of market, aptly named "date market." Essentially these work the same way as our futures markets but instead of seeing a number in the trading assistant, you see a date:

Currently creating a date market is not available to everyone as we are still doing some testing, but you can trade in one. I just started one a couple days ago and will create a couple others soon:

Let us know what you think. If we don't hear anything disastrous, we'll probably make these available for everyone to start using in the next week or two.

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