Thursday, April 26, 2007

Interview on LinuxWorld

In preparation for launching a LinuxWorld prediction market in the next couple weeks, I was interviewed by Don Marti, its editor for the weekly podcast they do on the site.

One of the questions he asked that I didn't get to elaborate on much was about integration of prediction markets with CRM systems. We've always felt this is how prediction markets for corporations may evolve: instead of or in addition to a standalone marketplace, we expect to be fully integrated instead with an ERP system like SAP or Oracle, CRM systems like, or other mission critical systems of the same ilk. Because if you think about it, the business processes prediction markets have seen success: financial forecasting, project management, product performance, competitive analysis, etc. are many of the same inputs used in these systems. So the question of course to our heavily biased minds is not IF prediction markets will be integrated with these systems, but when and how?

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