Tuesday, March 20, 2007

See what I see: justin.tv

Some readers of this blog may have heard of the now defunct Ajax calendar Kiko. The founders, yCombinator brethren, sold the application on eBay several months ago for a quarter of a million, then immediately went back to Paul Graham for more funding for a new idea which was just revealed yesterday: Justin TV

For those of you who remember jennicam from about 8 or 9 years ago, this is somewhat similar, but more hi-fi. Justin Kan walks around with a wearable camera constantly connected to the 'net 24/7 broadcasting everything and everyone he comes in to contact with. You get to watch all this while chatting with others watching, see his schedule, read about the "cast," etc. Last night they roamed the streets of San Francisco doing gorilla marketing putting justin.tv stickers up on stop signs and bus stops. Entertainment at its finest.

Justin.tv is the kind of thing you don't want to watch because it's a direct productivity kill, but then 45 minutes later, you're still sitting there waiting to see where they're driving to, what random person will prank call them next, or even what the outcome is of some technical conversation they're having.

But of course the main reason we bring this up is someone is already running a market about it a day after launch :) How many days in a row will justin.tv be broadcasting 24/7?

Good luck Justin in keeping your sanity. We'll be watching you. Literally.

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