Friday, March 16, 2007

New corporate homepage, logo

With our homepage growing very long in the tooth and being sorely outdated, we decided to bite the bullet this week, pull an all-nighter, and re-do it. It's not finished content-wise, but it was good enough to release to the masses for now and we'll continue to iterate on it in the coming days as we do with everything else.

You can see it here:

We also re-designed our logo and unfortunately we succumbed to the web2.0 trend of color reflections. We fought it for a long time, but we finally gave in and are pretty happy with the results. We also chose to use a serif font vs. the Arial Rounded Bold we had been using. Partly because another prediction exchange started using that font or one that looks very much like it, and partly we liked the contrast between the old school font and the ultra-modern looking "crowd" next to it.

Here's the new logo:

If anyone has comments on either the homepage or our new brand, let us know, we're anxious to hear what people think.

1 comment:

Rishi said...

I think there is wayyyy to much text on it