Friday, August 25, 2006

Casual Observer in the News, an Inkling customer, was featured in an article in the August 25 issue of The Daily Record, entitled: Think You Know Who Will Win in November? Willing to Bet?

Here's a brief excerpt:

Think you know who’s going to win the governor’s race in November? Would you be willing to put money on it? A growing number of political prediction markets — operating on both real and fake money — allow you to do just that. And a Maryland startup hopes to profit from the trend.

Rick Hinton formed his Gaithersburg-based company, Red Hill Group, hoping to profit from the growing interest in prediction markets for everything from politics to the avian flu. He planned this week to launch his first Web site,, a political market allowing players to “invest” fake money (for legal reasons) in gubernatorial and senatorial candidates in the nation’s most competitive races.

Political markets tend to attract users ranging from campaign staffers and insiders to average voters with an interest in politics, Hinton explained.

“The whole key is to aggregate all of these opinions and expertise and knowledge in one place, and what’s typically shown is you get a pretty good result,” he remarked.

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