Monday, September 04, 2006

Inkling customer,, is part of the lead story on the CBS Evening News

One of our clients, was featured on the CBS Evening News tonight, (September 4). is a political prediction marketplace for the upcoming U.S. Congressional and Gubernatorial elections. While runs its own web site, it has taken advantage of our web services to offer an entire trading marketplace.

Fortunately the web site and ours performed well immediately after the broadcast and we wish Casual Observer (and their users) all the luck in predicting the upcoming elections as accurately as possible!

Here's some more specific information about our work with the guys at Casual:

  • Casual Observer was up and running with Inkling in about 5 weeks.
  • Casual Observer runs their own web site but uses web services to integrate trading widgets, portfolio data, transaction data, etc. directly in to their site. For our geek readers, this is our REST API's we have developed.
  • Casual Observer is able to get real-time trading data for up to the second updates on graphs, charts, and tables.
  • The Casual Observer trading experience is the same easy-to-use interface enjoyed by thousands on our public markets, a key reason Casual Observer decided to partner with us.

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