Friday, August 25, 2006

Casual Observer Partners With Inkling to Deliver Prediction Markets for Upcoming U.S. Elections

Today is the beta launch of Casual Observer, a political prediction market site run by a Maryland-based startup, The Red Hill Group.

Casual Observer is using Inkling as the underpinnings of its marketplace but if you visit the site, you wouldn’t know it! That’s because Casual Observer is using our newly minted suite of web services we’ve developed. This means users aren’t asked to visit two sites, they can instead stay at Casual Observer to login, trade, view their balances and portfolio.

Creating these web services was an important step in our ongoing quest to 1) strive to make Inkling the easiest and most powerful prediction market solution to deploy, 2) provide a solution that is completely customizable to fit within an existing brand/site, and 3) let our customers be in control.

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