Friday, September 30, 2011

Inkling Now Fully Internationalized

A few months ago we announced that Inkling had gone international and we could support any language. One of our clients immediately took us up on the post and asked for Inkling in two additional languages to support their international rollout of the platform.

We quickly realized the translation work we had done thus far was totally insufficient (we had only internationalized the trading interface) and we needed to bite the bullet and go all the way, giving us the ability to translate absolutely every piece of text on the site.

Thanks to what admittedly was some really tedious work by one of our contract developers Brian Leslie, this U.S. based company has since launched in two more countries and we can finally announce that Inkling is now fully internationalized and the entire application can now be translated in to any language.

For now if you want a language other than English, functionally we need to make the switch for you, but soon we'll make that part of any administrator's settings, and eventually any user can choose the language they want on an individual basis.

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