Friday, September 30, 2011

Crowdsourced approach to criminal justice analysis

We've been working with some Professors at Seattle University's Department of Criminal Justice for a little while now and wanted to highlight some nice pub they recently got for their project.

Excerpt and link to article:

The Criminal Justice Prediction Market (CJPM; was created by professors Matthew J. Hickman and Stephen K. Rice of Seattle University with the following goals: (1) to provide a marketplace in which interested academics, criminal justice practitioners, and others can "trade" (i.e., take positions on) interesting questions/issues in criminology and criminal justice and contribute to collective prediction; (2) to provide a pedagogical tool for criminal justice educators and students who wish to explore the utility of prediction markets with regard to criminal justice topics; and (3) to address the quality and timeliness of crime statistics by exploring the potential for creating market-based incentives for their improvement.

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