Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Seminar Announcement: Using Prediction Markets in Government

Together with MITRE, the MIT Lean Advancement Initiative, and Iowa State University, we're hosting a day long seminar September 22nd in McLean, VA about using prediction markets in the Federal Government.

Register for Using Prediction Markets in Government  in Mclean, VA  on Eventbrite

Registration is free and we're pretty excited about the agenda we've assembled:

The Lean Enterprise: a vision for collective intelligence in Government
Ricardo Valerdi, MIT
Matthew Potoski, Iowa State University

Using prediction markets to mitigate procurement risk
John Michitson, MITRE

Aggregative Contingency Estimation Program at IARPA
Jason Matheny, IARPA

Prediction markets at Ford Motors
Tom Montgomery, Ford

Using prediction markets to enhance agency open government initiatives
David Rejeski, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

How to measure the effectiveness of a prediction market
Jon Schuler, MITRE

Getting started: applications and lessons learned
Adam Siegel, Inkling

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