Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Feature - Give someone else karma by "liking" their question or comment

A few months ago we introduced the concept of "karma" to Inkling. We had a lot of ideas at the time, but had quickly moved on to some more pressing things. Unfortunately, the only way to earn karma thus far has been to answer free polls, which some marketplaces have been using, some have not.

Now there's a new way to earn karma - have people "like" your comments and questions. If you're on Facebook, you're already familiar with this concept with the main difference being that we keep what you like anonymous to your peers vs. sharing it with your friends, your friend's friends, your friend's friend's friends. You get the idea. :)

Each time someone "likes" a question you've asked or a comment you've written you earn one karma point. It's as simple as that. Just start looking for the like button and click it to give someone else a karma point.

If this proves to be popular, we'll add the like button in more places and may even introduce a "most liked" leaderboard, but we'll try not to make it too clique-y.

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