Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Show and hide categories of questions

A couple notable feature enhancements were released yesterday:

First, you can now hide and show categories from the list of questions and Inkling will remember your preferences automatically. For example if you ONLY like to see questions related to your department vs. another, or one topic vs. another, you can switch them on and off. And every time you log out those preferences will be saved. Just click on the category names to toggle them.

We've also made some minor changes to the trading interface:

  • Your available to trade has been moved directly above the trading interface;
  • When you are trading in a possible answer your previous activity is now also shown so you don't have to remember what you've done or refer back to your dashboard;
  • If there is background information, it's now one click away from the trading interface in addition to its inclusion at the bottom of the screen;
  • Avatars are now included for each creator

The character count for questions has also been increased - we got some feedback that the need to spell out corporate acronyms required more characters. :)

Finally, we're heavily leaning towards removing the confirmation step from the trading interface. It served its purpose at one point but seems redundant and somewhat burdensome now. The text box to accept a trading rationale would simply move back a step to the trading screen. Any input one way or the other? Going once...

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