Friday, April 02, 2010

Technical support over online chat is available

We launched a new feature today that adds to our other technical support channels: online chat.

We've been testing the waters with running a support chat room over at our collaboration tool service, tgethr.

The input in that chat room has been awesome. It doesn't get used so much that it overwhelms us, but instead we've uncovered features people have wanted, fixed bugs we didn't know about, won a couple customers after steering them through some of the things still hanging them up, and met some very nice people.

We feel we've made ourselves pretty easy to get a hold of over email and other channels before, but we've found that some of the things coming into the chat room might have just been lost forever if the experience took any more effort than just finding someone online, right now, to help.

So we'd like to try this out with our sites for prediction markets. On any Inkling site, there is now a "chat with support" button:

Anyone can click that button, admin or otherwise, and get help from the folks working on Inkling. We don't have set hours for the room. Often we are there during typical business hours and sometimes you might find one of us there at 1AM. So if we aren't there please continue to use the normal support channels you have available, especially our help desk. Also any questions specific to the marketplace we'll redirect back to the specific administrators of the marketplace to be asked.

For those interested, the chat room is powered by 37signals' Campfire. We've been using it for a few years as a business as well as personally, and have been very happy with it. We'll see how it holds up as a support channel.

Hope you find it a handy way to interact with us if you need something. Thanks a ton for using Inkling!

Administrators of Inkling also will notice that there is now an admin drop down menu.

The list of things admins can do from creating groups to managing the marketplace was getting a bit long. So we polished it up into this great looking menu. :)

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