Thursday, April 01, 2010


CHICAGO—April 1, 2010—Inkling is now the Leading Information Technology Company in the Universe. They have also announced plans to complete a purchase of Google in 2010.

"We felt really terrible when we saw brand new companies and our competitors labeling themselves the Leading Provider of Prediction Markets or The Leader in Whatever They Want.", said Nathan Kontny founder and CTO of Inkling. "So we decided to take matters into our own hands. We think these 3 announcements of ours puts us on top again."

Adam Siegel, co-founder and CEO of Inkling announced to staff and shareholders on Monday that Inkling has been bestowed the label of the Leading Information Technology Company in the Universe. When asked how that had been determined, he continued to repeat "I'm the Wiz, I'm the Wiz. And nobody beats me."

Inkling also had a couple other announcements that it shared with employees and shareholders this week.

Their most important announcement was that Inkling will work to complete a purchase of Google in 2010. "We are working very aggressively on this deal. We can't disclose the exact sum, but we will give Google all the money in our bank account for this purchase. We like what we see over there. So we are willing to do away with the formalities and overhead. No lawyers. No due diligence. No escrow.".

Siegel added, “We really like the breadth of the talent those guys bring. We’ll likely open source or shut down most of their projects. It’s the engineering talent we are most interested in bringing on. I'm sure given their track record of doing the same, they'll understand and be appreciative of our needs"

To help grow the company Inkling also announced a new component to their flagship product, Inkling Prediction Markets. The name for their new project is the Leading Universal Dashboard In Crowdsourcing Reconnaissance Of Unimaginable Seriousness .

"It's an add-on to our current offerings, but can be used separately as well. We are very excited to bring this to market, as we are sure this is the first time anyone has ever even thought of launching something like this", Kontny explained. "Keep an eye on us in 2010 and 2011 as we continue to launch things no one has ever done before or thought was even physically possible on earth."


A professional reenactment of the interview with Mr. Siegel was produced by NBC and is available on youtube.

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