Thursday, April 08, 2010

Inkling in the classroom

I love it when I hear about MBA classes using Inkling to help teach about prediction markets. A few weeks ago I did a midnight skype session with a business class in Hong Kong to answer their questions and I just received this about a professor at American University who has made trading in Inkling and asking a question an actual assignment:

"Participate in prediction market.
Objective: gain basic familiarity. Steps: sign-up. It is free. Use your
inkling money to make predictions. Set up one question of your own. Let the
rest of the class know so we can make predictions on it. Generate at least
10 transactions on your question. Print out your question on paper. Hand it

Every semester we have lots of professors setting up marketplaces for their classes. If you're a professor out there who's interested in doing the same, let us know or just go ahead and set one up.

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