Friday, April 09, 2010

"Certainty is the mother of fools"

-Patrick Jane on The Mentalist

There's a bunch of "mother of fools" quotes. Pick something you don't like and stick it on the beginning of that :) But I like this one a lot.

I definitely like decisions. But I try and pepper decisions with the knowledge that often things don't quite happen like I think or want them to. Sometimes better. Sometimes worse. Sometimes just different.

Where does being "certain" get you anyways? You don't need to be certain to make a decision or to act quickly. It is possible to make a choice about something and lead people to do something, but keep your eyes, ears, and mind open to the possibility that your choice needs to be changed or reversed.

Certainty provides a bit of comfort for people who don't want to think too long about something. Afterall, once you are certain, you no longer need to process that information. Thinking can be hard. Thinking can be tiring. But it's also a friggin miracle that we can think long and hard about things and also reevaluate our choices. It's a shame when people piss that away.

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