Friday, October 02, 2009

Predicting Milestones with Inkling (ala Basecamp)

Since we've launched widgets in Inkling, it's become trivial to integrate a prediction market with most other applications that could benefit from better decision making.

For example, now you can get some help coming up with your project milestones. We'll take a look at what this could look like using a scenario with 37signals' very popular (and rightly so) project management application Basecamp.

Let's pretend I've already setup a first crack at predicting that our company will have a hypothetical integration with Amazon's Mechanical Turk done by Friday, Oct 9. Here's the milestone in Basecamp.

Inkling > Milestones

We'll use a comment to this milestone as a container of our widget. So click on the comment icon to add a comment.

Now, let's go create a prediction market that asks when this milestone is going to be accomplished. (We won't go through the steps of creating a market here. There's plenty of instruction inside :) But please let us know if you ever need more help.)

Here's our market ready to go. I can now click the "Trade from your site" icon on the market page to get the embed code for the trading widget.

When will Mechanical Turk integration be ready? (Sandbox)

Grab the embed code your given or tweak it to match your desired design. And just add that to a comment in your milestone. Here we go back to Basecamp and add the new comment.

Inkling > Mechanical Turk Integration

"Add this Comment" and now your Basecamp users will have a prediction market clickable right from inside Basecamp. They don't even have to login or give any care in the world that you're using Inkling.

Inkling > Mechanical Turk Integration

And after I've shared my answer.

Inkling > Mechanical Turk Integration

So there it is. Prediction markets in more places. You can have the power of better group forecasting without forcing your coworkers or employees to ever leave the applications they are most comfortable with and already enjoy using.

Hope that provides some more ideas of where you can use prediction markets next.

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