Friday, June 05, 2009

yCombinator's Paul Graham (and Inkling investor) on the cover of Inc.

Inkling was in the second crop of start-ups that came out of yCombinator. Back then no one had really heard of these guys. Now they've funded over 100 startups and have many regional copy cats. Even though we're a little biased, Paul's philosophy of making many little bets in his investing strategy vs. fewer big ones really resonates with us. As such, we're glad to see they've really taken off.

We regularly hear from people who are thinking of applying for yC - especially those who aren't doing consumer apps. If you're one of those, feel free to contact us. We're happy to give you an honest and open account of our experience.

Here's the article (click the button in the corner of the viewer to go full screen - it's a much better reading experience):
Inc. Article About yCombinator

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rz said...

Hi Adam,

Can I take you up on your offer of an account of your YC experience?