Tuesday, June 23, 2009

This prediction market will now be tweeting

Funny how these things work.

3 years ago when we first launched Inkling, people were clamoring for us to have RSS feeds. Then we were told we weren't doing enough with email, especially for corporate cultures where email is still king, so we introduced new market alerts, expiring market alerts, and most recently, a daily activity feed from the marketplace, all via email.

Now as regular users of twitter, we decided it would be useful for our own purposes (we're traders too) and for others to get tweets about a marketplace.

But we didn't just want to replicate alerts we send via email and RSS, we wanted to add new content as well to the twitter bot to make it more engaging and worthy of people following it. We've set one up for our own public marketplace with the name @inklingpredicts. It still announces new markets and expiring markets, but it also tweets the top 5 most actively traded markets of the day and the current leading answer.

Here's what the bot has tweeted the last few hours:

Minimally, following the bot should provide some nice fodder for those heading out with friends for the evening or to impress your S.O.: "Hey did you know there is a 1 in 4 chance the unemployment rate will start to go down in August?"

Astonishment at your wisdom will certainly ensue.

But the best part is we didn't just introduce this for ourselves. Any public Inkling marketplace can create their own twitter bot by going to the twitter signup page and setting up a new twitter account. Then login to Inkling as an administrator, tell us the bot's username, and it's ready to start tweeting. Just go to your "configure marketplace" page to set it up:

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