Thursday, June 25, 2009

Marketplace Activity Reports Take Two

A few weeks ago we began sending marketplace participants a daily recap of the activity in their marketplaces. The goal was to keep people aware of what is going on even if they aren't actively trading and hopefully entice them to click on something of interest they see.

We got a lot of positive feedback about the reports which in many marketplaces caused increased trading activity, but also some complaints that daily is a bit too often. We've taken the feedback to heart and made a couple changes:

First, instead of listing out every trade and comment for every question which often made for a very long email, we've consolidated to simply say how many trades and comments have been made in each active market. Second, we've tried to provide more interesting information by including the probability of the currently leading answer and the percent change since the last report was sent.

Finally, we've changed the default delivery schedule of these activity reports from daily to weekly, but have left it configurable, so if you want to continue to receive daily updates, you can adjust that setting for yourself right from your marketplace homepage or on your settings page. If you choose to receive the reports on a weekly basis, they will be sent on Thursday's beginning at 3:30pm local Chicago time which is -5 GMT. If daily, they will be sent at that same time each day.

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