Thursday, November 13, 2008

Woah, has there been some crazy stuff going on over here.

There's been a lot of new projects going on here at Inkling and a major catalyst to all this momentum was Rails developer Javan Makhmali ( joining our team recently.

Javan is a fantastic Rails developer and has a great eye for simplicity and intuitive design. He's worked on quite a few great projects and one that stood out because it was such a fun coincidence was I forgot where I had originally found that site, maybe it was Seth Godin a year and a half ago. That was a seriously cool idea, and one that Javan kept running amongst some monstrous traffic when it spread like crazy.

You've been seeing his work all over Inkling Markets lately: the new digested market alerts, the hover menus on managing markets, faster cashouts of the really heavily traded markets, market refunds, and a ton of other things behind the scenes. He's also been cooking up some things that I need to keep a lid on for just a bit longer, but hopefully we can launch soon.

Anyways thanks a ton, Javan. Your work is greatly appreciated by our customers, our users and us.

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