Friday, October 05, 2007

Radiohead Changing the Music Industry - Predict How

Yes, our business is providing a platform for organizations to run their own prediction markets, but the founders of Inkling happen to be big music fans, specifically the band Radiohead.

How is this relevant? Recently Radiohead announced there would be no set price for their new album "In Rainbows." Instead they would let their fans decide what it was worth. When you go to download their album (and it's only available by download, there are no CD's) you say what you want to pay. Fans are elated, the music industry is horrified.

We thought it would be fun to set up a marketplace to try and predict what the average price is fans will actually pay. We also ask questions about other performance metrics such as unit sales and industry impact of this new pricing model.

You can get to the new marketplace by going here:

We've left the ability to run your own markets on so if you want to ask other questions in addition to the ones we've seeded, go ahead!

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