Friday, March 09, 2007

FinancialNext Launches

FinancialNext ( is the latest marketplace to launch using the Inkling Markets platform, and judging by their name, I'll bet you can already tell it's related to the Financial Services industry. :)

FinancialNext is being run by a Wall Street macro-economic research professional who is constantly looking at the "consensus view" for financial and economic indicators that are going to be released in the future. He thought prediction markets and Inkling would be the perfect application to gain a better consensus for these forecasts to create a better and more accurate picture of what analysts/economists are thinking real-time, vs. a static survey that is usually released by the major financial publications.

Right now FinancialNext is open for public trading, but they will maintain control of the markets that are run for now vs. allowing everyone to create their own.

We're very excited FinancialNext has come about and expect them to get a lot of attention in the coming months. They are also one of several industry marketplaces we expect to be announcing in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

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