Monday, February 12, 2007

Keeping markets up to date with RSS

Some people who run markets are really good about about updating them with new information as it becomes available, others aren't so much. Now we've made it really easy to keep your market information up to date without lifting a finger after you've created it.

For those of you running markets, you can now put an RSS feed in to the market and it will automatically show the last 3 headlines from that feed. For example, running a market on a political race? Use an RSS feed from a major newspaper or wire service to show the latest relevant headlines.

Although RSS has been around for a long time and is invaluable to a subset of netizens, it has still not reached mass adoption. Nevertheless, with email becoming so untenable, you'll begin to see more use of RSS on Markets. Keeping information in a market up to date is only the first feature of many we'll be implementing in the coming weeks when it comes to RSS so stay tuned.

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