Monday, February 12, 2007

Creating a market just got even easier

Besides a minor aesthetic change to our market publisher, we've also added inline help to almost every field you're asked to complete as part of the process.

When we first launched the market publisher back in May/June of '06, we were getting emails daily about how things worked, bugs, language being unclear, etc. Now it's rare for us to get even one email in a week with a question about how something should work even though the number of markets being generated on a daily basis has been increasing steadily on our public marketplace. It seems we've finally hit the sweet spot where most people are getting the publisher.

Nevertheless, especially for those trying to run a market for the first time, some things can still be confusing. We will continue to iterate on the interface, but field specific help should be useful as well. And thanks to a little .css and javascript, you don't have to go to a new page or open a popup to read it.

Just like everything else, we'll surely iterate to improve our help language, so if you read something and still find it confusing, let us know.

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