Monday, January 15, 2007

New homepage and the world of tags

As you will clearly notice if you log in to Markets, we have revamped the homepage. While we continue to be able to feature certain markets, we've re-worked the layout so you can get a snapshot view of what is going on in each of them. We also still show newest markets but are also listing those markets that are expiring soon so you can have an opportunity to do some last minute trading.

As anyone who has published a market knows, we've created a "folksonomy" by allowing publishers to assign keywords or "tags" to their individual markets. As many other sites have proven, this becomes an efficient method of categorization as the number of markets continues to increase (had you seen our "by topic" page lately? It was a mess.) So now when you click on "markets" in the upper right, you are presented with a "tag cloud" showing in popularity all tags that have been used to define markets. We've also put the most popular 20 tags in the navbar on the right and of course the entire marketplace is indexed so you can always just search as well.

If anyone has any ideas for enhancing the homepage or our continuing integration of tags in to the marketplace, please let us know.

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