Friday, October 20, 2006

Tag, You're it!

As our list of markets being run has grown, the traditional approach of sorting by alphabet or category has become a bit unruly.

A popular way today to classify and look for information is to create a "folksonomy" where the creators of the market assign keywords or "tags" to the markets - in essence the card catalog for Inkling is created by the crowd - how apropo :)

So market makers, when you create a market, be sure to put in a few tags for your market. Traders, if you go to the Directory page, you can now view markets "by tag" which will display something called a "tag cloud." We're still working on the interface a bit on this as it's going to get unruly soon, but you'll get the gist. You can also search for a specific tag and all markets using that tag will be returned in the search results.

Happy tagging and searching!

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