Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Realtime dashboard, stats, and an evolving look

A few application improvements we've made recently:

  • On your dashboard the data was always stale. It was automatically refreshed every hour, but this could get confusing in active questions where your profit/loss had gone up or down quickly, but you couldn't tell unless you manually clicked "refresh" for that position. Now all your data on the dashboard is updated in real time.
  • We're taking a look at each email sent by Inkling to make sure it has valuable information in it and re-building them if they don't. For example we just re-did the emails you get when a question ends. Now it should be much clearer exactly how you did and what happened overall in the question. 
  • Stats are updating now much more frequently
  • We're slowly migrating to a new look for the application. And if you haven't noticed, we updated our logo too.
  • We've made a ton of "under the hood" improvements which should make the application feel snappier. 
For our enterprise customers, we've introduced several new capabilities including:

  • Enhanced reporting capabilities allowing you to fine tune what data you want to pull down from what time periods.
  • In addition to collecting people's predictions, you can now ask for a specific probability value as another input.
  • Lots of enhancements to the API. 

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