Thursday, August 11, 2011

Manage your questions

We love to get rid of links off the navigation bar. It just feels so...liberating. :) It's a rare occurrence that we get to do it, but this is one of them. There used to be two links on the right side of the nav: "Manage questions" and "Ask a question."

With the introduction of our new discussion capability, things were getting tight. We also felt like the "manage questions" link was pretty redundant with what's already in the "questions" link - the only thing missing were a couple additional sorts to show you your pending or submitted questions.

So instead of keeping that link around, we've removed it and now if you go to to the questions page, you'll see a new link:

This will now list all your questions and discussions that are currently running or you've submitted. Click on any of them and go to admin/edit to do whatever you want with them.

For administrators, there's still a manage questions link, but it's moved up in to the "admin options" menu item in the top right:

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