Friday, October 29, 2010

Inkling's German Partner Predicat Launches a Marketplace on eMobility

Our partner in Germany, Predicat, has launched a prediction market on a pressing subject for the world auto industry: electric mobility. You only need to watch a Tesla blow by you on the freeway to know that having volts instead of oil under the hood can still be a lot of fun apart from being ecologically sensible.

Before we can call electric cars our future however, there are some key problems to solve. Predicat is working with the auto industry in Germany to help address these issues and is gathering the input of auto industry insiders, enthusiasts, engineers, and casual drivers alike to predict the outcome of key questions.

You can go now to to get your fantasy €5000 and begin making predictions.

And it's not just a one way street (no pun intended.) Predicat and the auto industry are sponsoring this initiative with prizes. Background on the initiative and more information about Predicat's prediction marketplace are available in this video:

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