Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Feature - Stats Page Completely Revamped

One of the big draws of social networks is the ability to see what other people are up to. Another is to feel like you are part of a community - part of something bigger than yourself. That's from the user's perspective. In a business context, decision makers also want to have actionable information, not just "interesting" information. Building on those ideals, we've completely redesigned the stats page in all our marketplaces to give everyone much more insight in to what's going on.

We've broken down the information in two ways: insights about individual users, and insights about the marketplace as a whole. For an example, check out the stats on our public marketplace.

We've always known we have lots of data about users but it's always been available in a raw format only. Now we're trying to expose some of it.

First off was some low hanging fruit. Having a leaderboard to keep track of how people are doing monetarily was a no-brainer and something we've had since day 1. But what about some of the other activity on the marketplace that we'd like to encourage: making comments, asking questions, and earning karma? So we created more leaderboards for those:

Things get more interesting from there. We started to look at how "accurate" people are in their trading. We didn't want to focus on money made, but simply if they traded in the right direction in a particular answer. Then we broke that down even further to see who was the most accurate per question category and per tag, in essence identifying the experts in the trading pool in different topics: "competition" or "financials" or "project x"

Trying to identify who the experts are in your company is not new, but those expert networks are typically based on what you say you're an expert in in some profile you create. Now we're identifying expert networks too, but we're making you prove it through the predictions you make and not basing it on your title or previous experience. You want to know who in your company you should be talking to about some problem or strategy in a given area? Look at your Inkling stats where that list has been generated not by HR or from what you think you know, but by what you've proven you know. Pure meritocracy and empowerment.

Our new marketplace stats are geared to helping everyone understand the health of the marketplace. How active is it? How many users are there and how many have completed the registration process? How accurate is the marketplace overall?

One question we often get is "how are we doing compared to some of your other clients?" So in almost every one of our new stats pages, we include a comparison between your marketplace, the global average, and the "best" in any given area.

We're already working on providing additional stats in some other parts of the marketplace which we'll announce in the next few weeks. If you have suggestions or questions for what's there already or what we should be including, don't hesitate to let us know at [email protected]

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