Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Inkling About Town

Here are some recent articles and mentions about Inkling.


We helped contribute to an article at Six Revisions on "How to Grow a Community: Insights From Experts". The articles tackles questions like:

- What are some successful methods you use to grow your community?
- What are a few strategies you use to engage your community, encourage participation and keep them coming back?
- What advice do you have for people just starting out and trying to develop an active community?

If you're thinking about or currently building a community you'll probably find some food for thought in there.


"Chicago May Be the Next Silicon Valley http://bit.ly/b0xu81 @prepme @songza @tgethr @threadless @37signals @jasonfried @feedburner @groupon" - Seth Kravtiz

Woah, we are totally pumped that Inkling and tgethr got a mention alongside Groupon, Threadless, and 37signals.


"If there is a better writer for entrepreneurs than @natekontny I am unaware of who they are. Another brilliant post. http://bit.ly/bQZYVb" - Andrew Wicklander

Well of course, that really made my day.

Andrew is the founder of the Ideal Project Group and is doing something pretty cool and inspiring with the ThirtyDayProject.org. "What can you do in 30 days?"

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