Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Email Marketing Disobedience. Some great tips on doing the opposite of conventional wisdom.

Whether you give a crap or not about email marketing, this blog post from MadMimi is an interesting take on a field filled with conventional wisdom.

Some gems:

1. Share expertise

Wrong—share ignorance. Consider the old Zen adage "the more I know, the less I know."

2. Tell a success story

Wrong—tell a failure story. It humanizes your company and demonstrates your high standards.

3. Conduct a relevant interview

Wrong—conduct a gloriously irrelevant interview.

Much more at the full article.

It's a great example of taking inspriation from doing the exact opposite of what you think you need to be doing.

You can apply this to anything you need some new thinking about. You might not come up with a list of things to do 100%, but I'm sure you'll get some ideas on how to do things that stand out or are better than the routine you were following before.

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