Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"You're stupid looking, do something else" - one man's persistence

I'm constantly surprised by how quickly people want to give up on their projects. Our company started with 18k in a 3 month "startup camp". But 3 months is ridiculously short to try and make revenue, and I've seen a lot of people just have this expectation that they'll start this thing and in 3 months it's either going to be making a ton of money or it's going to be acquired for a lot of money.

Trouble is, that's not how it usually works.

It took us 8 months for us to start making enough money to begin paying ourselves salaries.

Building a business takes time, and it's something that when you sign up should be something you're marrying. I get it that one day you might want to start something else, but 3 months? Even 3 years, before most people want to give up?

I loved Sylvester Stallone's story told by Tony Robbins. A story of just pure perseverance.

This post is related to another post I've read recently.

"It’s going to take five years"

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