Friday, March 05, 2010

A non-weird way to talk to your friend's girlfriend/wife - a collaboration tool

Or boyfriend/husband.

I wanted to point out something funny I observed. So we have this project management/collaboration tool for messaging called tgethr right? Well one of the main uses I have for it outside work is to put groups of my friends together.

But what is the most popular group of friends I notice I'm putting together?

Our couples friends.

I make groups of 4. My wife and I and the other couple. This way we can plan couples dates and all know what's getting planned.

But here's another huge benefit.

I can email or continue a conversation with the opposite gender in the other couple without it being super weird.

An alternative would be emailing my friends wife or girlfriend directly about that book she mentioned or thing she's doing at work. And that would never happen. Because it's weird. Right? :) Private conversations like that get suspicious and awkward fast.

So the solution: make the conversation like it's still at the dinner table. Everyone is privy to it. Use whatever project management or collaboration tool you want, but I think this might be a little overlooked way to improve conversations with the couples you are dating :)

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