Friday, March 19, 2010

Envy is a lousy partner

"I've never read a biography of someone and then wanted to be that person" - Lynette Kontny

Some thought provoking words my wife spoke last night. Has there been any biographies of people you've read and you wanted to "bear their cross" instead of your own? My wife commutes a ton for work so listens to an insane amount of audio books. She's gone through quite a few biographies of famous politicians, rich people and nobel prize winners. In the end she wants to be herself.

Reminded me of envy I used to have of Corey Feldman and Corey Haim in gradeschool for all the attention and fame those two had. Obviously the belief that they were on a better path than me was wrong and misplaced.

The grass is greener for someone else largely because you have absolutely no idea who that someone else is. Especially these days when we "follow" people. We follow their blogs and their tweets. Little tiny slices of exactly what that person has decided to share with us today.

At least a biography is longer and people are encouraged to share the bad with the good.

But all too often these days, we all still envy our colleagues at work or friends with other jobs or other entrepreneurs. The guy with the book deal telling us he's making more money than we are making, surely must have it better then me?

I doubt it. You have no idea what demons that person has. The things they desire and can't have. The things that keep them up at night and make them feel like shit. Mostly because they choose not to share it with you. That's a story they feel wouldn't help them sell whatever it is they are selling today.

Be careful with envy. She's a lousy partner. She can sometimes fuel you to keep working at achieving the things you have your heart set on, but she'll also seduce you to overlook all the awesome things you already have today.

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