Friday, January 29, 2010

A couple more unique business cards

Business cards are usually a waste of paper. That's why it's amazing when someone creates one that you actually keep around and pull out just to tell others about.

Recently I met Ryan Graves who's doing some cool stuff. The guy definitely knows how to take a "baby step" into working in the world of small businesses and startups. He's working with Foursquare helping them in all sorts of ways: customer development, sales, and now putting together a street team. The thing is he works for GE still full time. The business card that he handed to me stood out too. It said:

"This card confirms that we've met in person and that you thoroughly enjoyed the experience".


Here's another one that stood out recently. Javan introduced us to this blog: Sweet Juniper!. According to their about page it's "a blog. We are just two more yuppies raising their kids in the most dangerous city in America." And the writer has an image of his business card:

Nothing monumental here, but a couple people making an impression doing just a little something different with the usually forgettable tradition of giving someone a business card.

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