Wednesday, December 23, 2009

More about the public marketplace "regulars"

Earlier today we sent a little note of thanks to our all-time most "prolific" users in our public marketplace. Essentially these are our regulars; our you come in to the bar and we know your name crowd. To formalize this list of regulars, we pulled the top 100 most active traders and the top 100 most active market creators, removed duplicates, and sent a heartfelt note of thanks for their participation this year and in years past.

But as far as this blog post goes, that's the boring part. We then spent a few minutes looking at some characteristics about this group and thought there were a few interesting nuggets to share:

  • 38% of the most active traders are also the most active market creators;

  • The public marketplace has a hardcore following that has been around awhile. All of the most active traders joined before 2009, and only 4 of the most active market creators joined during 2009;

  • 80 of the 100 most active traders have created at least one market of their own;

  • The trader with the highest balance has also created the most markets;

  • Most of the most active traders are still active. 86 of the 100 made at least 1 trade this year;

  • The most number of trades anyone has made as of today is 28,791. They have created 16 markets; and

  • The most active traders know that getting in to a market early can be an advantage. Only 6 of the 100 have shut their email alerts off.

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