Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Great business card design on recycled cereal boxes

Business cards seem so antiquated these days and yet there's still a constant need for them.

One day we might even all be able to bump our phones to exchange data. But "back in the day" we used to have infrared on our phones and PDAs that promised that same convenience of shooting our contact information over the aether. But alas, we never seemed to actually do that.

We still pass around bits of paper with our email and phone numbers on them. Because it's still the most convenient exchange in a meeting with someone new.

No one has to find a pen or clickity clack on their blackberry or iphone.

Business cards remain around, even if they just exist long enough to pass the email address to someone who proceeds to enter it into their address book and throws out the card.

Some business cards though still make an impression. Here's one that I recently saw that raised an eyebrow.


Caught my eye right away as the card isn't even cut straight :) But it gets the job done. The info isn't letterpressed or even laser printed :) Just a stamp. A crooked stamp at that.

Turn the card around and you see it's on the inside of a cereal box.


Still seems like a pain in he butt to be cutting these up and stamping them yourself. But now I'm interested in having my own.

(Nat & Hellens is a great store by the way if you are looking for cool gifts for babies)

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Unknown said...

I love your cards! My blog designer created my design and I actually printed them out on my own. I was so pleased with how well they turned out!
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