Friday, January 02, 2009

New corporate home page

Last night to kick of the new year, we launched a new version of our corporate home page (  We are very proud of how it turned out.  

Apart from getting an aesthetic redesign there are some elements of the new content that really stand out.  

We've been in business over 3 years now, and have seen millions of trades made, and tens of thousands of markets created in thousands of different marketplaces powered by Inkling.  Through all of this we've seen quite a few different scenarios of how prediction markets are used publicly and privately including what works and what doesn't.  

So we've listed 8 case studies.  These summarize how 8 of our clients are using Inkling, some examples of the questions they are asking, and benefits they've seen.  We hope these help spark even more ideas how Inkling can be used in various industries and for all sorts of different decisions. We'll continue to post these from time to time.

We've also added a "Do prediction markets work?" section that mentions our study on the accuracy of Inkling we did in 2008 and had posted about on our blog.   This is obviously the most important question to ask about Inkling.  Unfortunately, how to measure the accuracy of prediction markets is still something often misunderstood.  So this section of our website discusses that question with evidence drawn from our business.  

Hope you like the new website and are enjoying the holiday and any remaining vacation!

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i like the new logo