Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Some Recent Email Changes

A couple changes we've made to New Market Alerts sent via email:

First, we started putting the title of the market in the subject of the email.

Second and more importantly, we received complaints every once in awhile from people being inundated by new market alerts. This would happen when someone would launch many markets in rapid succession and all of the sudden user's email boxes are filled with a dozen new market alerts.

To address this we created a "digest" email that monitors new markets created over a period of time. All markets created within a window are included in a single email. So now you may get a New Market Alert with a single market listed or 6 markets listed. We hope this is a good compromise for those who want to be notified of new markets but don't want to be getting too many emails from the marketplace(s) they're participating in.

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