Wednesday, September 03, 2008

New Graphs

As many have already noticed and sent us comments about, we have introduced new graphing capabilities in our markets. These graphs are much more dynamic than our previous graphs. They allow you to "grab" the graph and move it back and forth along the timeline, zoom in or out by time period, and enter a span of dates to view. We've also addressed the problem of having a gaggle of stocks on a graph by allowing you to select and de-select the specific stocks that are shown so you can easily compare stocks or remove others that are visually in the way.

What we're most excited about is the ability to plot stories from the market's RSS feed directly on the graph so you can see the potential correlation between news and trading activity. In conjunction, we've made it easy to include a Yahoo or Twitter RSS feed with any market in one click so more people hopefully take advantage of this graphing feature.

Additional graph-related widgets and exporting of images (vs. Flash) are coming soon. If you have other feedback, let us know.

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