Wednesday, January 09, 2008

CNN Political Market Launches

Yesterday afternoon around 4pm ET, CNN launched the CNN Political Market on the CNN homepage and on the CNN Politics page for the upcoming 2008 U.S. elections. As a company we're certainly excited to work on this project with CNN and as political junkies we're pleased to contribute in a small way to the dialogue this election season.


century22 said...
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Anonymous said...

hey guys, way to add openid support to the political market app. we've been using it for a openid consumer testbed, and it's a fun game by itself. cheers.

boz said...

CNN just changed the end date on the John Edwards endorsement stock. Originally, it read March 1st, but they are now extending it to June 1st. Those of us who bought the stock basing it on one set of expectations are now about to lose out.

Please let CNN know that if they expect readers to continue contributing to their market, they can't change the rules mid-course. If this issue doesn't get fixed, I imagine I and other top players will be leaving.

century22 said...


Josh (century22)

Richard Lee said...

The way the political market is being run by seems arbitrary. For instance, they have closed the market labeled "If Clinton drops out of the presidential race, will it happen before the Democratic National Convention?" as though she has actually ended her campaign. In fact, she has only suspended her campaign. There are several articles on that point out the difference in meaning between 'drop out' and 'suspend'. Since she has suspended her campaign, she technically still is a candidate for the democratic party nomination and retains control of her delegates.

I don't understand how they expect people to trust their system if they don't follow their own rules and definitions for terms.

century22 said...

Been there, done that. they did the same thing with the Mitt Romney market back in the day. I have always tried to remain understanding because this is a learning experience for inkling as well, but this Political Market has been handled excruciatingly badly. From poorly written and non-descriptive descriptions, to arbitrarily changing the scope or end date of a particular market after thousands of trades have taken place, to long and unnecessary delays cashing out markets, often tying up "cash" for more than a week, to a complete lack of response to concerns emailed through the site... the list goes on and on. In a word, disappointed... even the fun I initially had was squandered when the integrity of the market had ruptured.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, there's a question that still hasn't cashed out, that was resolved at the GOP convention on September 4, eleven days ago. I messaged them through the site... nothing.

I think CNN has lost interest. During the primary season, they were coming out with new questions all the time. Now there are very few and I have more money than there are things to bet on.



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