Wednesday, December 06, 2006

We're Launching a New Product Soon

In the next few days Inkling will be launching our next product. We're not ready to spill the beans quite yet on exactly what it is, but we're pretty excited about it.

Since January we have been working on Inkling Markets pretty much non-stop 7 days a week at a continuous break-neck pace, first building the first version of the product, then implementing DIY markets, implementing Robin Hanson's market scoring rule, adding new features like threaded discussions, searching, and tagging, continuously iterating on our user-interface, and picking up many clients along the way, from very large corporations to a one-person startup. We also have several academics using Inkling as a research platform since they can easily run their own experiments and through our REST API have easy access to all their trade data.

But after living and breathing prediction markets for 11 months, we decided to start to spend some time on the weekends working on something new. It doesn't tie in to our prediction market product yet but we're pretty sure users of Markets will like it, along with a whole new audience.

Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

I think you meant Robin Hanson.

Unknown said...

yikes, thanks chris - was typing way too fast...