Friday, December 22, 2006

Look and Feel v5

As the holiday slowdown approaches, we've taken the opportunity to update our look and feel. We started with our new application Worthio, and decided we liked how that turned out so much we would propagate it to our prediction market application, now dubbed "Markets."

That said, over the last 9 months of its existence, Markets has become a pretty extensive application. We're able to use a single template for the entire application which helps a great deal with consistency, but there are likely little things we missed and may have even broken in the process of migrating to a new look. We test, but we'll never catch absolutely everything.

We heard from some of you as soon as we switched over today but we'd like to hear from others. What do you think? Like it? Dislike it? Find anything that doesn't seem to work right?

We're also going to be re-vamping the homepage and market directory. The homepage right now was our first iteration: it's functional, but it doesn't say much. We're going to make it much more informational: show a snapshot of how markets are doing vs. just saying what's new, for example. As for our market directory, it has become fairly useless - a listing of several hundred markets when we have powerful search, filtering, and tagging tools at our fingertips is pointless. If anyone has any suggestions as we work on this over the next couple weeks, please let us know.

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Jon Maloney (jheuristic) said...

Adam --

Be nice to have some charts on the home view. Sure, we can punch-through to Google or Yahoo!, and that is nice, but it would be very nice to have a thumbnail chart for each co.

Also, be nice to know what your diffusion and adoption approach is. Next to liquidity, nothings more important!

Happy Holidays.